The Top Chalk Paint Brushes for Furniture

Clay and Chalk Artisan paintbrushes from Dreamland Apothecary are handcrafted from gentle yet durable, white chisel-tipped advanced design synthetic bristles. Every brush is firmly bonded into a lovely and lasting white birch handle that provides for greater comfort.

Our oval brush head is contoured to hold more paint, while our flat chalk paint brushes are great for blending and hard-to-reach areas. Our chalk paint brushes are made to work flawlessly on all surfaces and in all chalk painting techniques. These brushes will also work with paint and wax as well as with any water-based topcoat for your furniture. Choose from oval, flat, or round to get the best strokes for your design without all the bristle shedding.

The brushes in Daydream Apothecary have been handpicked to symbolize trail-blazing legendary women who inspire the artist in all of us. Our goal is for you to feel confident taking risks, believing in yourself, expressing your artistic voice, and painting freely when you use a Daydream brush.

Every Daydream Apothecary brush is crafted in the United States with the most technologically advanced synthetic material, which imitates natural boar hair natural bristles. The best part about synthetic vs. natural bristle brushes is that they will not break off and get lodged in your beautiful paint finish. Natural bristles may be known for their paint blending ability they can also wreak havoc on your paint. These synthetic bristle chalk paintbrushes are the perfect solution.

We guarantee that NO BOARS were harmed during the production of our brushes, thanks to our commitment to ethical and cruelty-free business practices!

To keep our brushes in great form, simply wash them with soap and water! If you love painting furniture, these are quality brushes that will get you the smooth or textured paint finish you’ve been looking for. Grab the whole set for your next projects!

If you prefer the organic feel of Boar Bristle brushes then these Miss Lillian’s chalk paint brushes are the one’s for you. The bristles are packed tight ensuring a super-smooth blend for your furniture paint.

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