Sue, how do I know I’m using the right chalkpaint for furniture?

Choosing The Right ChalkPaint for Your Furniture Makeover

It’s a very common question because there are so many choices out there. In today’s post I am going to walk you through the myriad of furniture paint choices and help you choose the right paint for the right project.

First, you have to understand why furniture paint should be some form of chalk or clay style paint, and then (without Tanglewood Sue to help you) you have to wade through a ton of brands to find the one that is best for you.

Believe me, this is no easy task which is why I’ve made this video and this chart for you so you will know the best chalk paint for furniture for your specific project. Whether you start with painting a chair or a desk, or even an armoire, this chart will help you get started.

My Youtube video explanation for choosing the best chalkpaint for furniture project

For the full story read on but for those of you who like your info in moving pictures here is my video version (Note: this was made before I became a Miss Lillian’s Convert so although I used to use Dixiebelle, I have repaced this brand with Miss Lillian’s No Wax Chock paint. I prefer the finish, the colors, and the company’s policies towards their retailers)

I get it! You want to make the leap to painting your own furniture. You want to do away with the brown and create something that’s all you.

What Chalk Paint do I use Sue

You start with the right paint my friend. The right chalkpaint for furniture.

I have been on this painting journey a long time; long before the popularity surge (mid-2000s) of chalk paints like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (the “grande dame” of chalk paints, established 30 years ago), Dixie Belle Paints, Debi’s Design Diary Chalk and Clay Paint, Miss Lillian’s no wax Chock Paint, and so many more. In the 90’s I was already mixing all kinds of household ingredients into my paints (including spices!) to get them to do what I wanted them to do. I didn’t even start using chalkpaint for furniture, since I didn’t know it existed.

Debis Design Diary Paint chalkpaint for furniture
I’ve been painting furniture since there was still good old lead in the paint! Well, okay… I was helping my mom. I’m not that old! Ha!!

So yeah, I’ve been a furniture artist for a while and so I have some opinions (big surprise here!) on this subject. Opinions need to be expressed, yes? I’m so happy you agree!! That’s why I tapped into my knowledge and chalk paint experience, and condensed everything down into a Guide of the information you need to know… information that will help you to choose the best paint for your next furniture painting project.

Debis DIY Painted Armoire
Debis DIY Painted Armoire

That’s why I’m so darned excited to offer my new “Chalk Paint Comparison Guide” to you so I can help you choose the right chalkpaint for furniture!

You know; I don’t choose my paint based on brand loyalty. This Guide is my chalk paint truth. I suppose it could be called a chalk paint personality guide. In it, I breakdown product characteristics so that you can better determine which chalk paint line best meets your budget, and which is ideal for the project you have in mind.

Debis DIY Paint

Full disclosure: I sell Miss Lillian’s NO Wax Chock Paint and Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint because – between the two of them, and with their own specific characteristics (check out the guide!) – they cover all my painting needs. Also, I love their vast colors, specialty waxes, metallics and finishes!


This Guide is ever-changing as I try new paints and products. Is there a paint you want me to test? Leave a comment below and I’ll give it a shot! Thanks… and Be Kind Kiddos!

Sue, how do I know I\'m using the right chalkpaint for furniture?

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